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‘Separation is no solution’ :Dr Ishaq Baloch

Hamara Balochistan

‘Separation is  no solution’

General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani speaks to Balochistan’s new chief minister Abdul Malik Baloch during a ceremony to mark Defence Day in Sui

Dr Ishaq Baloch and Dr Allah Nazar were both groomed in the student politics of Balochistan in the 1980s. Dr Allah Nazar joined the Baloch Students Organization (BSO), picked up the gun, and eventually surfaced as a symbol of resistance for the disgruntled Baloch against the state of Pakistan. Dr Ishaq Baloch decided to use peaceful political means to further the Baloch cause. He has countless reasons to disagree with the Pakistani establishment and the so-called Punjabi elite, but he never thought secession was the solution to the problem of Balochistan.

“The future of Balochistan is intertwined with the federation”

“The future of Balochistan is intertwined with the federation,” Dr Baloch said in an interview. He is now the vice president of the National Party. “Separation is no…

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