Who wins in #Brexit?

Jenna Abrams

As you all know, UK voted to leave the EU. The turnout was 72%, 51,9% voted Leave, 48,1 – Remain. The world is puzzled: what has happened?

I don’t like the idea of borders and would prefer there were none, neither political, nor economic; but let’s face the reality. With no borders poor countries will become richer and rich countries will become poorer.

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Is the UK interested in losing its prosperity? I bet they are not. UK is wealthy and rich. What for? Dubious idea of globalization?

First of all, because of open borders the whole Eastern Europe has migrated to London. Latvian, Estonian and Polish citizens are happy to work for really low (for Brits) wages. So local plumbers, cleaners and gardeners have dropped out of the labor force. Average wages in the country have fallen drastically together with the standard of living.

Secondly, while being a part of…

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