LEST WE FORGET – Revealed: In 1950s Mossad spies married Arabs to conceal identity

The Ugly Truth


“They were planted as Arabs, married Palestinians, had children and were incorporated into the Palestinian community as businessmen. They were the first to provide intelligence regarding the establishment of Fatah, and took part in the first plans to kill Yasser Arafat and Abu Jihad.”

Sabba – Mossad’s Ulysses Project is still alive and kicking and is not limited to Palestine. Their field of action is all over the Arabic/Muslim world.  They incorporate into Arabic communities, they are Imams, clerics (ex: Al Qardawi), University professors, ministers, head of states (Morocco, Egypt) etc. etc. etc. We should always remember this when we hear of a cleric making anti-Christian fatwas, when we hear of a ‘muslim’ making disgusting and outrageous statements such as raping western women and children is condoned by Islam etc. etc. etc.

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FBI publishes files from Bill Clinton’s 2001 pardon of Mossad agent/asset Marc Rich

The Ugly Truth

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Democratic nominee’s campaign questions timing of release of documents from long-closed investigation involving Jewish fugitive financier who also held Israeli citizenship

ed note–I remember years ago the great honor of sitting down to lunch in Washington D.C. with Phil Giraldi, former CIA officer and a great American patriot who has contributed immensely to the struggle against Israel, Zionism, and the approaching storm. We were discussing how people in the US intelligence community really feel about America’s ‘only ally’ in the Middle East, Israel, and I asked him, out of the hundreds or even thousands of people he knew/worked with in the US intelligence community, how many had he encountered who had any positive feelings for Israel. After a moment’s reflection he said ‘one’, following it up by saying that the US Intelligence community in general hates Israel, and of those, especially the FBI.

That these files on Clinton’s dealing with…

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Who wins in #Brexit?

Jenna Abrams

As you all know, UK voted to leave the EU. The turnout was 72%, 51,9% voted Leave, 48,1 – Remain. The world is puzzled: what has happened?

I don’t like the idea of borders and would prefer there were none, neither political, nor economic; but let’s face the reality. With no borders poor countries will become richer and rich countries will become poorer.

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Is the UK interested in losing its prosperity? I bet they are not. UK is wealthy and rich. What for? Dubious idea of globalization?

First of all, because of open borders the whole Eastern Europe has migrated to London. Latvian, Estonian and Polish citizens are happy to work for really low (for Brits) wages. So local plumbers, cleaners and gardeners have dropped out of the labor force. Average wages in the country have fallen drastically together with the standard of living.

Secondly, while being a part of…

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